About Us

University Housing provides comfortable, affordable and secure on-campus housing options in residential communities where the academic success and personal growth of residents are encouraged and supported.

Part of the Division of Student Affairs, University Housing is a self-supporting auxiliary department that is fully reliant on student rent and receives no state funding. Within our halls, we provide support to the University of Georgia’s mission and commitment to academic achievement. Research indicates:
  1. Students who live on campus at UGA earn higher grade point averages than their off-campus peers.
  2. UGA students who live on campus are more likely to graduate.
  3. Living on campus at UGA enhances student learning experiences.
  4. Students who live on campus at UGA are satisfied with their academic experience on campus.
  5. UGA residents recommend living on campus to new students.
  6. Living on campus enhances UGA students’ ability to appreciate other cultures, and students living on campus feel their housing peers respect different ethnicities and cultures.
  7. Living in UGA residence halls enhances residents’ communication skills.
(Source: UGA Office of Institutional Research and 2010 Educational Benchmarking, Inc. resident assessment)