Thursday, April 3, 2014

Out & About: Brown Hall at the Health Sciences Campus

In addition to being the most recently renovated hall in University Housing, Brown Hall residents are raving about the size of their rooms, their suite-style bathrooms and their proximity to UGA Food Services’ newest dining hall, The Niche.

Brown Hall's newly renovated lobby and amenities
are a hit with residents!
Brown Hall is located at the Health Sciences Campus (HSC), a 56-acre campus that was the former site of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps School. Today, the HSC is home to the Georgia Regents University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership and graduate students from the College of Public Health. This mixture brings a diverse population to the residential community, which includes undergraduates in Brown Hall and medical students and visiting scholars in the townhomes and residences nearby.

In addition, residents at Brown Hall have the advantage of living on campus while enjoying an off-campus environment.  The HSC is located in the heart of Normaltown with plenty of great restaurants, parks  and local activities to enjoy within walking distance. Most residents agree that the distance from main campus fosters a tight-knit community of residents who enjoy doing all sorts of things together from catching a bite to eat to jogging or playing Frisbee (not to mention there’s tons of green space at Brown Hall for outdoor activities!).

We caught up with two residents to talk about their Live it! experience at Brown Hall.

Resident Perspective: What’s it like to live in Brown Hall?

Stephanie Lindo and Alex Resnak

What is it like to live in Brown Hall?
S: Living in Brown Hall is definitely an experience. Being about 15 minutes away from campus, it's an adjustment but it's usually worth it. We're away from typical campus noise and during home games we don't have to worry about losing parking.
For Stephanie Lindo the best part about
living in Brown Hall is her spacious room!
A: The bus service and other amenities offer the convenience of on-campus housing while maintaining the privacy and relaxation of off-campus housing.

What is your favorite place in Brown Hall?
S: My favorite place in Brown Hall is the second floor study room because it has plenty of couches for me to sleep on.
A: I like the study rooms. They are functional and there are plenty of them.

What is your favorite aspect of Brown Hall?
S: My favorite aspect of Brown is the fact that it's renovated. I like how with this building UGA was kind of able to just start over. With the older dorms you get what you get.
A: Because it is isolated from the main campus, Brown Hall breeds close friendships and a true sense of community.

What is your favorite Brown Hall memory?
S: My favorite Brown Hall memory is every single RA program I've been to. The RAs are great and always throw the best programs!
A: My favorite memories have been the chances to build close friendships with people that I would have otherwise not been friends with.

Where is your favorite place to study?
S: My favorite place to study is my room. I absolutely love my room!
A: I like going to Russell Hall (on the Health Sciences Campus). It is very close and has plenty of open rooms and computers and a Ping-Pong table.

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