Friday, April 18, 2014

Residence Hall End of Year Closing Info

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Please adhere to the following information regarding end of year closing:

Residents of Brumby, Creswell, Russell, Boggs, Brown, Church, Hill, Lipscomb, Mell, Oglethorpe House, Mary Lyndon, Myers, Rutherford, Soule, Morris, Payne, Reed, 1516 and Vandiver Halls:

Your residence hall will close at noon on Saturday May 10, 2014. Only commencement participants may remain in the building until noon on Saturday May 10, 2014. 

Oglethorpe House will be open for those students who have registered for summer housing during May and extended sessions. Residents with a room assignment for May or extended summer sessions can check in at Oglethorpe House lobby no earlier than 3 p.m., May 10. Questions about check in for summer session should be directed to the Hill and Myers Community office at (706) 542-5217.

Please check our website for
more closing info
Visit our website for closing information on checking out of your respective residence hall appropriately to avoid being assessed a fee for failing to follow the closing checklist. Your resident assistant along with other residence hall staff in your community should be able to answer any questions that you may have. Please note that you should check out of your room no later than 24 hours after your last final or by Saturday May 10, 2014 at noon whichever comes first. If you have further questions about end of the year closing, be sure to contact your RA or community office. Have a safe and fun summer!

For residents of Rooker, Busbee and McWhorter that will remain on campus through any portion of summer 2014 (after May 10), please check your email for important information regarding your space in the upcoming months.

ECV residents that will be leaving at the end of the spring semester 2014 (24 hours after last final exam) must follow directions to schedule a checkout time. Instructions will be given at floor meetings and sent via email. All residents moving out, including graduating seniors MUST complete a Contract Termination Agreement no later than April 28, 2014. If you have not already done so, be sure to visit the Housing Assignments Office in Russell Hall as soon as possible to fill out the form!

For more information and instructions, please visit our website.

If you have further questions about spring break operations, please see an RA or your Community Office. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Out & About: Rooker Hall

by Jerica Jones 

Rooker residents enjoy spending time in Fireside Lounge
Rooker Hall may be the baby of East Campus Village (ECV), however living in Rooker truly demonstrates that wonderful things come in small packages. Since 2004, 246 residents have proudly called Rooker Hall “home.” Living in ECV comes with various responsibilities; for the 2014-2015 academic year, residents have the option of choosing to sign a nine-month housing contract instead of 11.5-month contract. They can also choose from five different apartment styles, each fully furnished. Residents also get to enjoy their own private bedroom and some even have the luxury of a private bathroom! Residents also enjoy the 24-hour visitation policy in Rooker. Additionally, each floor has a study room for residents who can’t study in their apartment or are too tired to travel to the Miller Learning Center. Rooker Hall also has a computer lab and printer that is accessible 24 hours a day.  

Rooker Hall is also home to UGA varsity athletes. Swimmers, baseball players, wrestlers, football players, equestrians, tennis players, track and cross country, basketball players, golf and Gym Dawgs all call East Campus Village home, including Rooker Hall. Imagine being able to see your favorite Dawg on television and also live right across from them!

Residents who have the pleasure of calling Rooker home can boast about having unlimited access to Fireside Lounge. While Fireside does have a flat screen television, residents who want the true movie theater experience can use the projector to watch their favorite TV shows. Many have hosted various events such as Walking Dead finales and Sunday night football parties. It is the perfect place to host social gatherings due to the close proximity of the community kitchen. When residents aren’t cheering on their beloved Dawgs, Fireside can also be a serene and quiet place to study. Thanks to the panoramic windows, stone fireplace, and comfortable seating arrangements residents are always taking advantage of this tranquil studying location. Our residents didn’t earn the title of upperclassmen by not being studious. Fireside often doubles as a music studio for the future Mozarts of UGA. Residents frequently use the piano in Fireside to practice for their music classes or to learn how to play “All of Me” by John Legend.

Rooker Hall
Rooker is centrally located and is within walking distance to Ramsey Student Physical Activities Center and the intramural fields. Who wouldn’t enjoy taking a sunset stroll around the lake, relieving stress in the gym or signing up to play flag football? The Joe Frank Harris Commons dining hall is a five-minute walk from Rooker. Residents who enjoy cooking their own meals can also walk across the street to the fresh meat sale that takes place every Friday at the ADS Meat Science Technology Center. Furthermore, when residents are not feeling their best they can walk over to the UGA Health Center and take advantage of various medical services. East Campus seems to be city within itself so cars are optional when you live in Rooker Hall. However, if you must have a vehicle you can choose to park it in either of the two parking decks that are right across the street. Our residents are not just attending UGA, they are living it!

The East Campus Village Board, resident assistants and auxiliaries host a variety of programs weekly that promote diversity, education, personal development, and community building. Programs they have previously hosted include salsa dance lessons, spoken word, horror movie nights, and ‘90s game nights. Each program helps build a sense of community for our residents. An upcoming program that you won’t want to miss is ECV RezFest Carnival that will take place in ECV Quad. Follow us on Twitter @ECV_HALLS or on Facebook @EastCampusVillage to learn the date and time.

Jerica Jones is a Residence Hall Director in East Campus Village.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Volunteer for #HDWH14!

Do you have a passion for serving others? Are you interested in being part of the team and welcoming new students to campus?

Volunteer to help with move in during the Hunker Down with Housing program. As a volunteer, you will assist the university as the class of 2018 moves onto campus. In addition, you will be able to move in early, receive a Hunker Down T-shirt, and meals for the days you volunteer. In the past, volunteers have found that participating in Hunker Down is a very rewarding experience - and the perks are great too!

Hairy Dawg pitches in during #HDWH13!

This year, we're hosting three interest meetings for students who are interested in learning more about the volunteer process for Hunker Down. Volunteers who attend the volunteer interest meeting will receive priority scheduling for Hunker Down with Housing days. If you are unable to attend the interest meetings, you can still apply to volunteer at We will accept volunteers until July 18, 2014. Hunker Down with Housing will be held on August 12 - 13, 2014.

Interest meetings will be held:
Monday, April 21, 2014 (New volunteers)
6:30 p.m.
MLC 248

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 (Returning volunteers)
8 p.m.
MLC 207

Thursday, April 24, 2014 (New volunteers)
6:30 p.m.
MLC 214

We look forward to hunkering down with you!

Contact us at for additional questions and follow #HDWH14 on Twitter and Instagram for updates!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Out & About: Brown Hall at the Health Sciences Campus

In addition to being the most recently renovated hall in University Housing, Brown Hall residents are raving about the size of their rooms, their suite-style bathrooms and their proximity to UGA Food Services’ newest dining hall, The Niche.

Brown Hall's newly renovated lobby and amenities
are a hit with residents!
Brown Hall is located at the Health Sciences Campus (HSC), a 56-acre campus that was the former site of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps School. Today, the HSC is home to the Georgia Regents University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership and graduate students from the College of Public Health. This mixture brings a diverse population to the residential community, which includes undergraduates in Brown Hall and medical students and visiting scholars in the townhomes and residences nearby.

In addition, residents at Brown Hall have the advantage of living on campus while enjoying an off-campus environment.  The HSC is located in the heart of Normaltown with plenty of great restaurants, parks  and local activities to enjoy within walking distance. Most residents agree that the distance from main campus fosters a tight-knit community of residents who enjoy doing all sorts of things together from catching a bite to eat to jogging or playing Frisbee (not to mention there’s tons of green space at Brown Hall for outdoor activities!).

We caught up with two residents to talk about their Live it! experience at Brown Hall.

Resident Perspective: What’s it like to live in Brown Hall?

Stephanie Lindo and Alex Resnak

What is it like to live in Brown Hall?
S: Living in Brown Hall is definitely an experience. Being about 15 minutes away from campus, it's an adjustment but it's usually worth it. We're away from typical campus noise and during home games we don't have to worry about losing parking.
For Stephanie Lindo the best part about
living in Brown Hall is her spacious room!
A: The bus service and other amenities offer the convenience of on-campus housing while maintaining the privacy and relaxation of off-campus housing.

What is your favorite place in Brown Hall?
S: My favorite place in Brown Hall is the second floor study room because it has plenty of couches for me to sleep on.
A: I like the study rooms. They are functional and there are plenty of them.

What is your favorite aspect of Brown Hall?
S: My favorite aspect of Brown is the fact that it's renovated. I like how with this building UGA was kind of able to just start over. With the older dorms you get what you get.
A: Because it is isolated from the main campus, Brown Hall breeds close friendships and a true sense of community.

What is your favorite Brown Hall memory?
S: My favorite Brown Hall memory is every single RA program I've been to. The RAs are great and always throw the best programs!
A: My favorite memories have been the chances to build close friendships with people that I would have otherwise not been friends with.

Where is your favorite place to study?
S: My favorite place to study is my room. I absolutely love my room!
A: I like going to Russell Hall (on the Health Sciences Campus). It is very close and has plenty of open rooms and computers and a Ping-Pong table.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sustainable Living in the Halls: #RussellGoesGreen

Last week, the Russell Hall Community Council and the Office of Sustainability collaborated for #RussellGoesGreen, a program designed to raise awareness about the many ways that residents can make sustainable choices in the halls. 

#RussellGoesGreen was initiated by Russell Hall's Sustainability Auxiliary Committee - a new committee formed this semester to ensure that Russell residents are living their best sustainable lives!

About 200 residents participated in sustainable trivia, completed recycling challenges, and made photo pledges to be more sustainable in the halls. While pledging to perform more sustainable actions, residents dined on treats from a popular local eatery. Did you know that eating local is a part of the sustainable life?

Residents made sensible pledges, such as taking the stairs more often, refilling water bottles, and taking shorter showers to conserve water. What sustainable action can you pledge to do in the halls?

For more sustainable tips, join @UGAHousing on Twitter for "Sustainable Sundays," where we share easy-to-do sustainable actions using #LivingGreenUGA. Learn more about University Housing's commitment to sustainable living on our website.

Russell residents commit to going 'green' during #RussellGoesGreen
View the full album of green pledges on our Facebook page!