Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Roommate SURVIVOR Week!

University Housing is excited to announce Roommate Week Part II - SURVIVOR Week!

This week, you and your roommate have the opportunity to win BIG by participating in our Roommate Survivor Insta-challenge and attending The Roommate Survivor Show at 6:30 p.m.
on Wednesday, September 11th. 

#ICUGA2013 Roommate Survivor Insta-challenge

September 4 - 11, 2013

To participate in the Insta-challenge, simply post the corresponding photo for each day and include the hashtag #ICUGA2013. The challenge is easy: each photo must include your roommate and the roommate pair with the most likes on their photos by the end of the week wins!*

Here's the complete photo challenge:

9/4 Show Your Room #WelcometoOurCrib
9/5 Snellibrate Together #Snellibrate
9/6 Show Your UGA Pride #GoDawgs
9/7 Take a Pic with your CA or RA #StrikeAPose
9/8 Ring The Chapel Bell Together #DingDong
9/9 What Does UGA mean to you #UGA2ME
9/10 Show Your Completed Roommate Agreement #ChallengeAccepted

*Insta-challenge winners will be announced at The Roommate Survivor Show.

The Roommate Survivor Show

Brumby Rotunda
9/11 at 6:30 p.m.
If you're not big on Instagram, don't worry! You can also win big by participating in The Roommate Survivor Show! Roommate pairs should show up to the Brumby Rotunda ready to compete by 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 11. We've got some awesome prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place roommate pairs that you won't want to miss. So don't show hesitate; this event is first come, first serve! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What a great #RoommateDate!

Our prize basket with backpacks, blankets
poster mounts, picture frames & more!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our #RoommateDate contest.

From skiing in the Rockies to VIP access at country music concerts, we certainly had some amazing stories!

In fact, we're so excited to see and share all of the great adventures of our residents that we want to keep it going!

Continue to share your #roommatedate pics with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and we'll spotlight a story here on our blog from time to time.

Check out all the great "dates" we've seen so far:

Be sure to read all of our finalists' stories posted on our blog, especially our winners Kendall and Caroline's #RoommateDate in the historic city of Savannah, Ga.

Are you and your roomie planning a #roommatedate in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

7 Reasons to enter the 2013 ROTY and Best Video Tour Contest

Just in case you were thinking about NOT entering, here are SEVEN awesome reasons to change your mind:

1. Because it’s EASY.  

Entering the contest is EASY!
Take a picture or two. Take another picture or two. Upload them to Facebook/Picasa/Flickr/Pinterest (oh, just pick one already). Fill out the entry form and click enter.

2. Because it’s FREE.   

Participating in the contests won’t cost you a dime. You can take pictures and film video with your phone or digital camera and upload in a matter of minutes. For videos, the judging will be based on script, creativity and following the guidelines – all things that are free to come by! For photos, if your room makes it to the top five, University Housing will have a photographer come and capture your room in its best light.

3. Because it will make your mom happy.   

What better way to thank your parents (or yourself) for all the money spent decorating your room than to have it take one of the titles up for grabs in this year’s contests? You might even be able to squeeze a little bit more cash to go toward some of our cool DIY projects listed on our Pinterest page.

4. Because your friends can prove how much they love you.  

Once your room or video makes it to the top five, the rest is out of our hands. You just have to make sure it gets as many votes as possible…  What are friends for, anyway? 

5. Because it feels darn good to win.

Advancing to the top five in either of these contests means you have created an outstanding home away from home worthy of campus-wide recognition! Let your friends, family, hall mates, and the entire campus know that your decorating and showcasing skills make you worthy to become an award-winning resident of University Housing. Also, show all your friends who decided not to come to UGA just how awesome it is to be a Georgia Bulldog!

Use your favorite colors, lights and room decor
to showcase your creative side!
6. Because you want to unleash your creativity.

Everyone who meets you notices your personal sense of style, but here’s a chance to take it to the next level. Entering your room gives you the chance to express yourself and bring your wildest design concepts to life. Don’t be surprised if you enjoy entering the contest more than winning it!

7. Because you want the prize.

Winners of our Room-of-the-Year and Best Video Tour contests will receive first pick of all available living spaces in the highly competitive 2014-2015 Room Sign-Up. This means no more crossing your fingers to see if you will get the residence hall or room of your choice… The space you choose is guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for?! Submit a contest form TODAY!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Onyeka and Blessing's #RoommateDate

Onyeka and Blessing's day at the spa and cupcake bakery

Onyeka Okeke (Marietta, GA) and Blessing Osim (Marietta, GA) met on the first day of their freshman year in high school and have remained best friends since. Despite hearing whispers of the rumor that best friends shouldn't live together in college, the two decided that they couldn't pass up the close friendship, accountability partnership and sense of home that comes along with having your best friend for a roommate in college. To celebrate the journey ahead the two went on a spa and cupcake outing in their hometown. Onyeka chose red polish for her mani/pedi and Blessing chose black (Go Dawgs!) before picking up cupcakes and going shopping for their first game day dresses.

To keep up the ties in their "roommateship," the Russell Hall residents have agreed to host "roomie night" once every two weeks where they will spend time hanging out with each other, grabbing pizza or ice cream and simply catching up.

What do you think about Onyeka and Blessing's #RoommateDate? Let us know in the comments below and the pair could win a welcome basket courtesy of University Housing!

Betsy and Adelyn's #RoommateDate

Betsy and Adelyn's chance encounter at Six Flags Over Georgia

Betsy Potter (Conyers, GA) and Addie Duck (Savannah, GA) met for the first time at Six Flags Over Georgia when spontaneously visiting on the same day. The incoming first-year residents met through The Dawg House and, after discussing their roommate expectations, decided they were a great match! Prior to leaving for Atlanta for a short family vacation, Addie finished a sink skirt that the two had agreed on for decorating their room. When Addie sent a text to Betsy to let her know that she would send picture of the sink skirt after her road trip to Six Flags, the two discovered they would be visiting the theme park on the same day. While there, they ended up on the same ride at the same time! The two Oglethorpe House residents were eager to share their first picture as roomies with the world on Instagram.

What do you think about Betsy and Adelyn's #RoommateDate? Let us know in the comments below and the pair could win a welcome basket courtesy of University Housing!

Kendall and Caroline's #RoommateDate

Caroline and Kendall at the lighthouse in Savannah, Ga.

Caroline Paddison (Savannah, GA) and Kendall McWilliams (Rock Spring, GA) are a success story from The Dawg House! The two met during orientation and decided to set up a time to get to know each other more. Since Caroline is from Savannah, Kendall agreed to travel to spend a weekend with her in Tybee Island. The two incoming first-year students spent time on the beach, visited the lighthouse, went shopping and ate at several local restaurants. According to Kendall, the two knew they would get along once they discussed their favorite foods, T.V. shows and their shared love for sports—especially football!

For their next adventures, the Brumby Hall residents plan to make road trips to away games and to complete all of the UGA G-book traditions together.

What do you think about Kendall and Caroline's #RoommateDate? Let us know in the comments below and the pair could win a welcome basket courtesy of University Housing!

Katherine and Taylor's #RoommateDate

Taylor and Katherine at a private VIP performance by Luke Bryan in Indianapolis, Ind.

Taylor Reed (Atlanta, GA) and Katherine West (Nashville, TN) met on The Dawg House and decided to travel to Indianapolis for Luke Bryan's Dirt Road Diary tour for their first encounter. The incoming first-year residents arrived about two hours prior to the show to see a private acoustic concert where the country singer played six songs. Taylor and Katherine brought along their best friends from high school for the adventure. In the picture above, the two are at the private concert with Luke Bryan. Before deciding to be roommates, the pair Skyped a few times to talk about what they would want in a roommate, their study habits, etc. 

As of now, the Russell Hall residents have two more roommate dates planned: Luke Bryan's Farm Tour concert in Athens and a road trip to Nashville (Katherine's hometown) for the Georgia vs. Vandy Game. 

What do you think about Taylor and Katherine's #RoommateDate? Let us know in the comments below and the pair could win a welcome basket courtesy of University Housing!