Monday, February 25, 2013

Help Wanted: Summer Positions Now Available!

Looking for a summer job that doesn’t get in the way of classes and lets you display your UGA pride? University Housing is seeking to fill more than 200 summer positions including RA’s, conference hosts, and desk assistants.

Fun-filled days and working for housing combine to make a unique and community-driven summer experience – and some extra money, too. The application process is ongoing, so we’ve asked some of last summer’s student workers to share their experiences. 

Read on to find out why you should spend your summer with University Housing:

Brittany McDonald loved her summer
position as a conference host.
“During the summer, we have a lot of fun. You're working with your peers while gaining experience, and with fewer people in Athens to hang out with, you definitely bond with the staff working in your community. We hosted a cookout, played games and watched movies together.”
Brittney MacDonald
Summer 2012 Conference Host
Resident Assistant, Soule Hall
Consumer Journalism, 2014

“The best part of working on campus over the summer is being able to experience another side of UGA life.  We're all used to packed buses and a busy atmosphere, but working on campus provides another perspective. Being a conference host is actually quite fun, especially when you get to bond with a tight-knit staff. I really enjoyed seeing upcoming freshmen during orientation sessions last summer.”
Emma C. LeCroy
Summer 2012 Conference Host
Resident Assistant, Brumby Hall
English,  2014

“I never felt like my academic schedule conflicted with work as a conference host. I always felt like my supervisor was understanding of academic reasons and worked with us to ensure that we still kept up with our academics, but also contributed our fair amount of work shifts to the team. One of the things that really makes working for housing incredible is that you find a lot of student workers who either are already passionate about their job or learn the meaning behind being passionate about what you do. It's a culture that fosters positive leadership development and communications skills.”
Mary Yang
Summer 2012 Conference Host
Latin and Interdisciplinary Studies: Animation, 2013

Don't YOU want to be a part of this staff?
Trust these former summer staff members, you won’t find another summer job quite like this! Apply now at The application deadline for summer positions is March 4, 2013.

See a list of position descriptions and read about the experiences of some of last summer's student workers.

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