Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Reasons to enter the 2013 ROTY and Best Video Tour Contest

Just in case you were thinking about NOT entering, here are SEVEN awesome reasons to change your mind:

1. Because it’s EASY.  

Entering the contest is EASY!
Take a picture or two. Take another picture or two. Upload them to Facebook/Picasa/Flickr/Pinterest (oh, just pick one already). Fill out the entry form and click enter.

2. Because it’s FREE.   

Participating in the contests won’t cost you a dime. You can take pictures and film video with your phone or digital camera and upload in a matter of minutes. For videos, the judging will be based on script, creativity and following the guidelines – all things that are free to come by! For photos, if your room makes it to the top five, University Housing will have a photographer come and capture your room in its best light.

3. Because it will make your mom happy.   

What better way to thank your parents (or yourself) for all the money spent decorating your room than to have it take one of the titles up for grabs in this year’s contests? You might even be able to squeeze a little bit more cash to go toward some of our cool DIY projects listed on our Pinterest page.

4. Because your friends can prove how much they love you.  

Once your room or video makes it to the top five, the rest is out of our hands. You just have to make sure it gets as many votes as possible…  What are friends for, anyway? 

5. Because it feels darn good to win.

Advancing to the top five in either of these contests means you have created an outstanding home away from home worthy of campus-wide recognition! Let your friends, family, hall mates, and the entire campus know that your decorating and showcasing skills make you worthy to become an award-winning resident of University Housing. Also, show all your friends who decided not to come to UGA just how awesome it is to be a Georgia Bulldog!

Use your favorite colors, lights and room decor
to showcase your creative side!
6. Because you want to unleash your creativity.

Everyone who meets you notices your personal sense of style, but here’s a chance to take it to the next level. Entering your room gives you the chance to express yourself and bring your wildest design concepts to life. Don’t be surprised if you enjoy entering the contest more than winning it!

7. Because you want the prize.

Winners of our Room-of-the-Year and Best Video Tour contests will receive first pick of all available living spaces in the highly competitive 2014-2015 Room Sign-Up. This means no more crossing your fingers to see if you will get the residence hall or room of your choice… The space you choose is guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for?! Submit a contest form TODAY!

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