Thursday, August 30, 2012

Out & About: Building 1516

Building 1516
by Mandy Pruitt

Since opening its doors in 2010, Building 1516, a part of the Reed Community, has tried to do things a little bit differently. In an effort to reduce negative impacts on the environment, the LEED-Certified residence hall has upheld a commitment to sustainability through not only its amenities, but also through resident education and programs designed to uncover what it truly means to “Go Green.”

What’s new at Building 1516?

This year, Building 1516 has partnered with the UGA Office of Sustainability, the Facilities Management Division and the Odum School of Ecology for a unique pilot program exclusively for its residents.

Bulldog Bikes is designed to provide a healthy, cost-effective transportation option in support of UGA’s 2020 Strategic Planning. Through this program, students will be able to check out bikes from 1516 FOR FREE after attending a program presentation, completing an online module about bike safety in Athens, and completed registration and release forms. This is a pilot program, so depending on it’s success, Bulldog Bikes might be offered again next year or even expand to multiple departments around campus.

Stop by the lobby of Building 1516 to see a bike and get more info TODAY!

For more information on Building 1516’s commitment to sustainable design, or to view 3D tours of rooms, pictures and rates, view Building 1516’s complete profile on University Housing’s website. Also, follow @UGA_1516 on Twitter!

Resident Perspective: What’s it like to live in Building 1516?*

This year, Building 1516 will house the Franklin Residential College (FRC), which was previously located in Rutherford Hall. The FRC is “a student governed residential college program that offers members opportunities to participate in intellectual and cultural community activities.”

We caught up with a resident of Building 1516 and member of the Franklin Residential College to talk about her Live it! experience at UGA.

Being a part of the Franklin Residential College
has kept Molly one happy resident!

Marietta, GA

Why did you choose to live in Building 1516?
I’m in the Franklin Residential College and I wanted to stay with the program because they tore down Rutherford.

What is your favorite part about Building 1516?
Living in the “Penthouse!” The rooms are a lot nicer and I have a lot of space. I wish the location was closer to my classes and the stadium though.

Has being in the FRC improved your college experience?
100 percent! The FRC gave me a solid community on which to build my college experience. There are great friends, great times, and lots of cookies, so everyone should join including non-residents! This is the only year that we are accepting non-residents.

What are you most looking forward to with the FRC this year?
I am really excited about our annual Sapelo trip. It is a nature reserve island and only a certain amount of people are allowed to go out there at a time. UGA owns several dorms there, so you just pay the $10 fee and it covers the whole weekend!

Describe a program that interests you:
Every Monday evening, the FRC hosts a Cookie Night during which FRC and non-FRC students can hang out and eat warm, delicious cookies with milk. The event begins at 8:00 PM in the Live-in Dean’s Apartment in Building 1516.

*The perspectives expressed by residents on our blog consist of personal opinions and are not intended to convey the official views of University Housing.

Mandy Pruitt is a sophomore from Kennesaw, Ga., studying International Affairs and Sociology. Last year she served as an RHA representative for the Creswell Community Council and is currently a desk assistant in Creswell Hall. 

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