Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Results Are In...

This year, University Housing held a social media contest for incoming first-year residents. The reward was sweet – the chance to pick a room in one of three popular residence halls on campus: Myers Hall, Creswell Hall, or Building 1516.

Why are these residence halls so popular?

Myers Hall
Myers Hall is the magnet residence hall for the University of Georgia Honors Program. This beautifully renovated hall is home to 250 first-year Honors students, affording them the opportunity to live and study in a learning community of like-minded peers. Built in 1953 as an all-women community, Myers Hall is perhaps best known as the home of Charlayne Hunter-Gault, the first African American to attend UGA in 1961.

Creswell Hall
Conveniently located next to the volleyball pit and Bolton Dining Commons, Creswell Hall is home to Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising and the Creswell Learning Communities, where in-depth faculty involvement nurtures exceptional academic growth. Named after Mary Ethel Creswell, the first woman to receive a degree from the University of Georgia, Creswell Community is home to 965 male and female first-year students.

Building 1516
Building 1516, the newest residence hall on the UGA campus that opened fall 2010, provides double and single rooms with private bath accommodations geared toward non-first-year, undergraduate students. Building 1516 is our first LEED gold-certified residence hall featuring healthy, eco-friendly furnishings, increased levels of fresh air, Energy Star® qualified products, a rainwater catchment system for water recycling and a number of other sustainable design features.

After four weeks of sharing our posts with friends and followers, we randomly selected one male and female winner from our pool of nearly 1,000 entries. Congratulations to our winners! 

Congratulations Shannon Grace Williams!

Where are you from?
Dallas, Georgia (Paulding County)

What residence hall did you choose? Why did you choose that hall?
My roommate (Bethanne) and I have taken a lot into consideration while choosing where we want to live next year. We have decided to go with the Myers Halls because of its location and size. Also, the fact that it is an honors building is a plus. I feel that it will be a great fit for us.

What made you decide to come to the University of Georgia?
My brother graduated from UGA in December 2011, so I have been familiar with the school for several years now. I love the historical background of the school, and I know that UGA will open up many opportunities for me in the future. I wanted to go to a school that focuses and prides itself on its academics, while providing a fun living environment for the students.

What one item will you bring from home that you just can’t live without?
It may sound childish, but I would have to say my stuffed animal, Doggy. I have had her since I was born, so she is special to me and will give me some comfort of home.

Congratulations Trevor Richardson!

Where are you from?
Jacksonville, Florida

What residence hall did you choose? Why did you choose that hall?
I chose Building 1516 due to it being brand new and having suite-style bathrooms. I also hear the rooms are a little bigger than a normal room.

What made you decide to come to the University of Georgia?
I was born in Georgia and I've been a Bulldog all of my life. I've been going to Georgia football games since I was 7, and I fell in love every since the first time I visited Athens.

What one item will you bring from home that you just can’t live without?
My guitar. I'm currently learning how to play guitar, and I enjoy spending time practicing and learning new things about playing the guitar.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lucky Residents Visit Fox Theatre in Atlanta

About a month ago, University Housing held a contest for residents to win a trip to see Les Miserables at the legendary Fox Theatre in Atlanta, followed by dinner. To win, residents had to check their e-mail for a link to a questionnaire that, when answered correctly, entered them into the contest. Ten lucky winners went to see the award-winning show this past Saturday. 
Image from screenrant.com

Residential Programming Services (RPS) has sent a group of winning residents to the Fox three times this year as a part of it’s on-going initiative “RPS Supports the Arts,” which strives to make the arts more accessible to students. This year’s finale show was a hit, and we hope to continue our outings next year.

Check out the feedback below from a few of our lucky winners:

“It was such a powerful performance. I enjoyed every song, especially, ‘Who Am I’ and ‘I Dreamed a Dream.’ It was really different from just reading a book and actually being there to see.
- Sue J. Joe / Junior / Originally from South Korea, but from Fulton County, Ga. / Building 1516

“…The Fox is also an awesome venue. I think the whole idea of taking students to plays is a very good one (and a good way of giving back a little of what we pay for housing ;]) I think that should continue in the future.”
- Madison Borst / Sophomore / Marietta, Ga. / Hill Hall

The ten lucky winners pose with professional staff members Demarcus Merritt and Jessica Pense.

“I had a great time. The show was amazing, and it was fun talking to the other students during lunch. I would love to go again. Also, suggestions for future trips: aquarium, bowling, dinner and movies, basically anything off campus would be nice.
- Ruhi Haresh Kumbhani / Freshman / San Jose, Ca. / Morris Hall

“I was extremely pleased with the trip to the Fox Theatre on Saturday... I was fascinated just by the theatre itself and the performance was amazing. The dinner that followed after the musical play was delicious. It was most definitely one of the best restaurants I have eaten at. UGA Housing should definitely continue to do more events like this one. Maybe for next year housing can take some students to the GA Aquarium.” 
Dinner + A Play = Fun with University Housing
- Sagar Dan Bhika / Freshman / Cartersville, Ga. / Boggs Hall

“Les Miserables was by far my best theatre experience I have ever been fortunate enough to be a part of! I am an avid proponent of the arts and thoroughly love musicals, especially Les Miserables!... It was also really fun to get to know the other residents that came as well! We had fun getting to know one another on the way to and from Atlanta and at dinner.”
- Meghan Camp / Junior / Ringgold, Ga. / R.A. in Brumby Hall

Demarcus Merritt contributed to this article. Demarcus is a Residence Hall Director in East Campus Village and an avid supporter of the arts.

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