Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5 Tips for the Optimal #ROTY15 Submission

#ROTY15 just has ten days left and we know you've been toying with the idea of submitting a photo collage of your room.  Either you (or maybe your mom or a friend) worked hard to come up with the perfect coordination and style.  Long hours on Pinterest, the Internet or the world around you has served as inspiration for your amazing set up.  Now come on, we don't mind a casual humble brag especially when it means first pick of all available living spaces for the next academic year (2016-17) and a generous gift basket!

5 tips for an Optimal #ROTY15 Submission

1. Find the best lighting to show off your decorations.

Set the mood with your additional indoor lightning or flip the switch on for all the bulbs to show off the colors and patterns! This will help to maximize the look and feel in your photo collage. 

2. Tidy up.

Make sure to tuck away any loose dirty clothes or papers you have lying on your desk!  A tidy space is naturally pleasing to the eye.  

3. Show off your style.

Incorporate you (and your roommate's) personality! Including fake or fresh flowers/plants, personal photos/paintings, and more to decorate your space can make a residence hall room look more like a home.

4. Don't violate policy.

Take a quick look over our community guide to ensure any new decorations or appliances you wish to bring in your residence hall room are in compliance with our policies

5. Show off what makes your space unique.
Don't include a photo of a bare space or empty area - show off the hard work and careful coordination you did in even just one photo submission.  It's not necessary to use all five photos in the collage if more can be said with two or three—that way the voters get the best view of your space.

We look forward to seeing your #ROTY15 submissions in the next 10 days!  It's important to follow the rules and stay up to date with the timeline in order to be eligible to win.  Tag us in a photo collage of up to five photos on Instagram (@ugahousing and using #ROTY15) OR email in your photo collage to housinguga@gmail.com if your Instagram account is not public or you do not have an Instagram account.

Overview of the timeline: entries are due by October 1 at 5 p.m. with online voting taking place from October 9-October 16 at 5 p.m.  Winners will be announced the evening of October 16 with a celebration party for all participants on October 21.

Good luck to all our residents!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Healthy at Home Certificate Series: WatchDawgs

University Housing and the University Health Center (UHC) are excited to announce the latest product of their partnership: the Healthy at Home certificate. The certificate program is focused on addressing health and behavior-related issues that affect our residents. Throughout the academic year, six different types of programs will be offered to help our residents to be Healthy Dawgs. 

UHC staff will present ten programs in the residence halls on bystander intervention in August and September, seven programs on sexual health in September and October, and six programs on stress management in November and December. More programs will be scheduled for the spring semester. Participants will be awarded a certificate and coupon card for discounts on university products and services upon the completion of three of the annual six programs offered.

Program 1: WatchDawgs

Goals of the WatchDawgs bystander intervention training
  • Develop ways to increase awareness of sexual assault and alcohol emergencies, such as learning to make observations and recognizing warning signs that may require intervention
  • Increase one's motivation to help
  • Teach the appropriate skills to intervene safely and effectively, in both direct and indirect way
Why Does Bystander Intervention Matter?
The bystander effect is a phenomenon in which the more people who witness an emergency event, the less likely anyone is to intervene. BUT, silence and passivity are not okay. They encourage attitudes and behaviors that promote and normalize sexual violence. Join the UGA community as we promote a campus where violence—in any form—is not tolerated and where doing nothing is no longer an option.
Programs begin at 6 p.m. and are 90 minutes long
8/18 Creswell Hall
8/19 Myers Hall
8/25 Oglethorpe House
8/26 Brumby Hall
9/2 Russell Hall
9/3 Hill Hall
9/10 Reed Hall
9/16 Building 1516
9/22 Brown Hall
9/28 Rooker Hall
More about the WatchDawgs program is available at the University Health Center’s website.  Questions? Email housinguga@gmail.com. 
Each program will feature giveaways and refreshments!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#HDWH15 Tips

Each year the University of Georgia community welcomes more than 8,000 new students into the residence halls in a very condensed period. The Hunker Down with Housing (#HDWH15) program streamlines the move-in process and addresses resident and family feedback concerning traffic congestion, parking lot availability and elevator service. Hunker Down with Housing volunteers work to ensure the initial days of move-in run smoothly. Hundreds of Hunker Down with Housing volunteers will be located all over campus to greet new students and parents, give directions to area parking lots, direct traffic and generally serve as a resource for residents and their families. Since the first Hunker Down with Housing in 1998, volunteers have successfully moved in more than 88,000 students and helped them begin to call UGA home. 
Here is our recommended checklist to make your move-in experience go as smoothly as possible, click on the red text for links to important information.
  1. Have your UGAID ready at check-in.
  2. Bring a small cart or dolly with you.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, especially if you move-in August 11 or 12
  4. Take our #HDWH15 move-in quiz to determine when is our recommended move-in date for you.
  5. Review our parking information, particularly if you will reside in Brumby, Russell, Creswell, Reed or Building 1516.
    1. Check out our interactive maps for unloading zones in Brumby Unloading ZoneCreswell Hall Unloading ZonesRussell Hall Unloading ZoneReed Hall Unloading Zone, or Building 1516 Unloading Zone.
    2. Check out our Pinterest and Youtube pages for previous winners of our 'Room of the Year' contest to get ideas about how to make UGA Housing your home this year.
  6. Create a packing list and be sure to check out our Community Guide for policies regarding decorations, electronics and more.
  7. Set up your PIN for residence hall access.
  8. Review our video and guide on those 17-position adjustable beds and how to loft them
  9. Stay up to date by following #HDWH15 and/or our social media accounts: @UGAHousing on TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat.
  10. Stay hydrated; water will be available throughout the halls.
We're excited welcome more than 8,000 residents August 11-17 and look forward to seeing you all. Check out our move-in FAQ and feel free to contact us via social media or your assigned community with any final questions. Keep an eye out for Hairy Dawg, we will be walking around with him during the first few days of move-in taking pictures.  Tag yourself in our Facebook albums to share your portrait with the greatest mascot in the SEC!
Go Dawgs! We'll see you in less than two weeks!