Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Find the art on UGA's campus and win BIG!

Do you love the theatre? So do we! To prove it Residential Programs and Services (RPS) of University Housing has a unique opportunity for eight lucky residents to enter to win dinner and a ticket to the smash hit musical Mamma Mia! at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

All you have to do is find art on UGA's beautiful campus -- it can be sidewalk chalk, a sculpture, a painting in the halls, or a mural on a wall -- and share it with us on social media using #UGAfindtheart. We'll randomly select eight winners and provide dinner and transportation on the night of the show.

How easy is that?

Residential Programs and Services (RPS) at University Housing is committed to creating opportunities for residents to participate in a wide variety of arts events taking place in Athens and Atlanta during the academic year. For more information on RPS Supports the Arts, please visit our website.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thank You #HDWH14 Volunteers!

University Housing and the Hunker Down with Housing 2014 Planning Committee would like to extend a gracious THANK YOU to all of our student and staff volunteers. Because of you, we successfully welcomed more than 5,000 students, parents, and families to campus during move-in week.

We appreciate your hard work and dedication, as well as your energy and enthusiasm, in making this event a HUGE success. We hope you had fun and we look forward to working with you again next year!

Many (MANY) thanks,
HDWH 2014 Planning Committee

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Four More Myths to Abandon Before Move In

by University Housing Staff

Here's what you should REALLY know before move in!
Earlier in the summer, we were able to debunk a bunch of myths that were circulating on Twitter and Facebook about the assignments process. It worked so well that when questions started to arise about move in, we decided to try it again. Here are four more myths to abandon before moving in next week:

MYTH: I’ll be charged a fee for moving in on the first day of Hunker Down with Housing.

TRUTH: This year, there is no early move-in option requiring a fee. Contracts begin on August 12 and move in is open to all students. However, in an effort to reduce wait times and crowds, we are encouraging students not participating in Greek recruitment to move in on August 13 or later.

MYTH: I have to move in to the residence halls August 12-13.

TRUTH: Students may move in at any time through the first day of classes once we open our doors at 8 a.m. on August 12. Hunker Down with Housing, our annual move-in event, will be held on August 12-13 and is a designated time where student and staff volunteers are on hand to assist with needs during the move-in process. After August 13, our residence hall staff will remain on standby to assist students moving in at any time. In the past, residents have been able to move in with ease by waiting to arrive later in the week.

MYTH: My PIN is not working to purchase my football tickets… something must be wrong.

TRUTH: The PIN (Personal Identification Number) that you must set up to access the residence halls is completely separate from the online PIN system needed to register for athletic tickets. To access the residence halls you must swipe your UGACard and enter the housing access PIN that you selected at, then press #.  For information regarding your online PIN for athletic tickets, please contact the Main Ticket Office at 706-542-1231. 

MYTH: I didn’t get a room change before move-in week and the request period has ended.

TRUTH: The request period for room changes has been temporarily placed on hold during the move-in process. However, the room change request process will begin again on the first day of classes and you can also request a room change at any time during the year.

Do you know of any other move-in myths or rumors that we should address? Share them in our comments and we’ll get back with an answer by the next business day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Four Assignment Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

by University Housing Staff

Over the past few weeks we’ve received several questions on Twitter and Facebook about our assignments process. In the midst of our Q&A, we’ve discovered a few recurring myths that are troubling the hearts of our incoming class, so we wanted to address them head-on. Take note of these mythbusters below and share them with a friend.

Don't believe everything you read on social media - These are the facts!
MYTH: University Housing hasn’t sent me an assignment; I’ll be homeless in the fall.

TRUTH: The University of Georgia has a live-on requirement for first-year students, which means that your living space is guaranteed. We’re working our way through a list of more than 5,000 students, roommate requests, hall preferences and more. Unfortunately this process takes time; however, we try to be as fair as possible by assigning based on original registration date.

MYTH: University Housing hasn’t sent me an assignment, so I’m not getting the hall of my choice.

TRUTH: It is possible that you will receive an assignment for the hall of your choice. This week we’ve sent out assignments for each of the three high-rises (Brumby, Creswell and Russell) and for halls in the Hill Community, which are some of our most popular choices for first-year students. Just because you haven’t received your assignment for a particular hall yet doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

MYTH: If I haven’t received my assignment yet, I won’t be able to submit a room change request.

TRUTH: After executing your contract in The Dawg House you can submit a room change request at any time throughout the year. However, it is important to note that room change requests are not guaranteed and are also granted based on the original registration date and space availability. Toward the end of July we’ll temporarily freeze the assignments process as we prepare for move-in, but after classes start we’ll pick back up the room change process again. Each year we have students who fail to execute contracts or show up for the first week of classes, so there is a chance that room change requests will be granted in the beginning of the semester.

MYTH: If I haven’t received my assignment, I’ll probably get “stuck” in supplemental housing.

TRUTH: Although it is true that some students will be assigned to supplemental housing this year, the actual number is few. Supplemental housing involves placing students into spaces that are in the residence halls and on the floors, but in locations that we traditionally do not use as student rooms, including lounges and study rooms. Students assigned to supplemental housing may have between two and five roommates, depending upon the size of the assigned space. In the past, students have reported being pleasantly surprised by their supplemental housing experience, which allows them to have more roommates and an unconventional first-year bonding experience. We captured student experiences with supplemental housing in 2011 on our YouTube channel. Supplemental spaces are placed across campus, which means that you could still end up in one of your preferred halls. Additionally, our staff will continue to work to move students from supplemental spaces to traditional spaces as they become available, which has often been the case in the past. However, we have had students who didn’t want to give up the supplemental lifestyle!

Do you know of any other myths or rumors that we should address? Share them in our comments and we’ll get back with an answer by the next business day.